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Ni No Kuni: The Fairygrounds

Ni No Kuni: The Fairygrounds Written Wiki Guide

Ni No Kuni: The Fairygrounds is the town which is located in the city called Teeheeti. Fairgrounds is the forest of the fay folk, a totally tidy town. The dangerous creature is a Fairy Godmother. You will be heading to Autumnia when the ship is repaired.

Ni No Kuni: The Fairygrounds Written Walkthrough

A Desert island

You will come across fairly Godmother here, after talking to her you will receive Sundrop, stardrop, Moondrop, planetdrop. Then she will ask you to take a look at her guts.

Head for the cavity club, the Fairground’s legendary comedy venue. Then collect your prize from the bounties at the fairground town Very Swift Solution. While you are there buy some weapons and armors for your familiars. 

The ghost who gave you the Spirit Medium spell, Horace is located in the outskirts of Fairgrounds, which is on your way to fairy Godmother. There will be a cut-scene once you have located Drippy, then explore the town.

Horace riddle

Horace gives you a riddle: Then you’ll know just what that certain special something no burger can do without is?

Then look into the hamburger in you wizard companion book, (you have fish burger which is close)

A Horace riddle answer is CRISPY LETTUCE. Then he gives Oliver the alchemy formula for Sage's Secret.

Find the Art

After the comedy club, Oliver needs to find 8 pieces of art. You need to go to each of the blue dots, also different spells are required for different individuals.

1.Weapon shopkeeper - Cast Burden

2.Guy who can't open food jar - Cast Spring Lock

3. Item shopkeeper with broken item - Cast Rejuvenate

4. Guy complaining about lousy food - Cast Secret Ingredient

5. Innkeeper complaining about being cold - Cast Fireball

6.Guy complaining about homework - Cast Quicken Growth

7. Guy who needs some sweeping up done - Cast Broom Broom

8.1 White bird at edge of town - Cast Nature's Tongue and get theLevitate spell.

8.2 Guy who complains about a heavy head - Cast Levitate (spell from the seagull).

Sub Area

The Fairy Godmother

Bungler Bay

Hermit's Shell

No Longer Mine

Robinson Friday Islands

Russet Isle

Shipwreck Shore

Sleighbell Isles


Swan Island

Tiny Tin

Turtle Crag

Castway Cove          The Fairy Godmother

Ni No Kuni: The Fairygrounds video Walkthrough


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