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Grand Theft Auto V 

PS3Xbox 360 
Release Date: September 17, 2013

GTA 5: The Big Score

Grand Theft Auto V : The Big Score Walkthrough

The Big Score is the last but one Grand Theft Auto 5 Mission. This Walkthrough assumes the Driller Heist option. If you get everything out of the place before you get caught this heist will make you huge dollar. 

Drive down to the bank with Michael  and you will be switched to Franklin in the drill.


Use the  drill  to fo through the wall into the bank vault.  Take the drill away from the tunnel and then go through the hole you made and plant explosives charges on the vault doors (bars of both cages).


Get in position as the guards start coming through the tunnels. Take cover between the construction objects near the tunnel. The first wave will come from the south, the second from the north.  Eliminate the enemies while your team get the gold ready to go.

Go through the hole and hook the cages to the helicopter, then fend off the NOOSE team coming through the tunnel mouth.


Turn around and eliminate the guards coming through the hole above you. Switch to Trevor and start flying the helicopter, and then the control will soon switch to Michael.

Get Michael and his friend in cover down this walkway while eliminating the enemies and go down the stairs at the end.

When you get to the bottom of the stairs, use rocket to kill a chopper. Eliminate the enemies on the ground as you cross the bridge and kill another copter.


Now switch to Franklin and clear the NOOSE team advancing along the walk. Keep fighting as you progress toward next walkway.

Go up the stairs, and keeping the team together. Get a rocket launcher ready as you run. Take out the gunship at the top of the stairs.


Keep following the team as they go down and around the building. When in the garage, use the posts for cover and fight off several waves of attackers. Use rockets to take care of the enemy cards as they enter the melee to thin out the opposition, however don’t destroy the getaway car.

Get in the car and move, but there are a lot of cars pursuing you, use your custom armoured getaway car, and then head off-road down steep ravines and mountainsides trying to shake off the cars pursuing.

Embankments and walls are your fend. Get out of sight, hide, and use your radar to avoid pursuers. Once the pursuer have gone, you to get five-stars.

There are three Merryweather choppers chasing your two choppers. You need to get close enough and stay steady to each and fly level.


Once you are close enough just stay steady and Lester will shoot rockets to take them down. Move away quickly before they kill your companion chopper.


Once all three helicopters are destroyed the next step is to get the gold into the train car. Wait until it’s under the bridge to approach in a relative straightaway.


Drop the gold to complete the mission. 



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