Dragon's Dogma : Dark Arisen Forsaken Cathedral Walkthrough

Dragon's Dogma : Dark Arisen - Forsaken Cathedral Walkthrough

Once you are in Cathedral, get ready for a fight and you will be facing a major boss.Head down the stair to meet a big giant zombies.

Whenever you come across one of these attack onto their backs and the head. Even through it will take time to defeat it but they can’t knock the Arisen off.

Proceed down the path and eliminate any enemies you come across. Proceed to the left and down the spiral staircase.  At the bottom you will come across the Golden knight and Silver Knight, guarding the entrance to the cathedral arena, take them out.  Get close to the Golden Knight and attack him while the Silver knight you will need to use the spells. Make sure you stop the Silver Knight from healing the Golden knight or healing himself by attacking him. 

When the Silver Knight has taken enough damage, go closer and finish him off. Then finish of the Golden knight. 

If you are having difficulties, you could go straight into the doorway they’re guarding and look up for another engraving in the next room.

Once kill the two Knight, proceed toward the marked location, and watch out for the two chest you come across as one of them contain the man-eater inside. Proceed down the stairs where you will have to fight some undead.

Take them out and go to the end of that path to collect  a Rift Bicrystal along with some money from the chest . Proceed  down the stairs and eliminate any enemies you come across. Jump down onto the floor below and finish the rest of the enemies.

You will see a broken riftstone, restore it using rift crystals and search the area for any collectable items.

Proceed through the door and down the spiral staircase into the arena. There is a Cursed dragon and the Dark Bishop (Undead). Be prepare with all the spells and curatives. 

The undead bishop will appears over the dragon. Start attack the dragon as it has only one heath bar until it fall in the ground. Then start attacking the Dark Bishop. Keep attacking the wyrm and make sure you move around to dodge it's swipe and lunges attack. 

Keep moving around and keep an eye on the ground for a red sigil circles.  When the Dark Bishop landed on the ground rush toward him and launch a series of attacks. Keep repeat this every time when you get a chance.

The Cursed dragon will wake up at some point, make sure you avoid it poison breath as it will blind, and sometimes petrify. 

Note: Don't bother using magic on the dragon as it is resistance to it, instead use physical attacks for more damage.

Attack the dragon until it is defeated, and you will only have to fight the Dark Bishop alone. Keep attacking him until he possess the body of the dragon,  and the dragon  will have a  a glowing white aura in one hand.

He will be able to summon massive tornadoes while he possess the dragon. Head toward the creature and attack the head and make sure you released any of the heroes who gets snatched by the dragon. 

Keep attack the Dragon  and it is dead. Then head to the dark Bishop and start hitting him while stunned and vulnerable. Eventually the Dark Bishop will be able to possess the dead dragon again. Keep attacking him while possessing the dragon. Do the same to defeat the dragon and then attack the Dark Bishop.  Repeat this until the Dark Bishop and the dragon are both defeated.

Located the entrance (above)  and look for a  hidden engraving, then proceed toward the next location. There is a broken pillar on the left of the entrance, do a double-jump, to climbed up to the higher ledge. Locate a winding passage on the left which has two secret treasure chests.

Once done proceed through the door to Corridor of the Hallowed 


Tower of Treasons Repair


Corridor of the Hollowed 

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