Chapter 1: Dead Rising 3


Welcome to Dead Rising 3 Chapter 1: Quarantine Walkthrough. 

Chapter 1: Quarantine

After a cutscene you will receive the blueprints for the turret rig' which is the combination of a steam roller and sedan. You need to craft a vehicle using the parts from Rhoda's garage. Once done you need to get to the quarantine Station.

Get everyone into the vehicle (Turret Rig which feature a turret cannon that eliminate few zombies at once)  and start driving down to the location.

Along the way help some stranded survivor you can either rescue them by clearing zombies around them or leave them to die.

Note: By rescuing them you will be getting few thousand Prestige Points.

Use your turret to eliminate the zombies

Proceed ahead until you reach a roadblock, get out of the car and continue on foot. Jump over to the blue barricade and Open the gate ahead to activate a cutscene.


After a cutscene you need to take out the ten gang members/bikers. There are plenty of molotovs in the area, grab them and toss at them to take them out as many as possible. Watch out, as they will throw molotovs at you too. Also you can use the car to run them over. There are few cars in the area


Once you have kill 10 bikers will trigger a custcene. Now it is time to defeat the Gang Leader.


His RollerHawg (which is a combination of a motorcycle and a steamroller) has two main attacks - a circular peel out that sprays fire 360 degrees for a few seconds, and a charge attack that not only inflicts fire damage, but also crushes you with the steamroller wheel. You can avoid the attack easily by wait until he start to charge (two burst of flames before attacking) then dodge.

He will pause when he missed the attack, this is your chance to throw a molotov at him and while he is busy trying to put out the fire, quickly run over andpunch him few times. When he push you away, toss another explosive when you get a chance and repeat the same procedure.



He will become more aggressive when he health is very low. Make sure you dodge when he try to run you over. Repeat the process as well as use your gun to shoot him until when the gang leader is dead.

Once the leader is dead the chapter will be completed.


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