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Batman : Arkham Origins - Blackgate Prison Intro

The Batman: Arkham Origins journey begins in Blackgate Prison. As the mission start you will find a Warden being attacked by a thug, Counter his attack to disarm him, then take him down.

Go down the stairs where you will come across a group of enemies, take them out. Counter whenever the thug flashes blue you need to counter and then perform Ground Takedowns once your back is clear. Make sure you remember to block

Once you have interrogated the fallen criminal, then move forward. You need to gain access to the execution chamber.


As you go through the gate you will see a drone, which will flee when it sees you. Move forward and turn right.

You will come across more criminals in the corridor take them out and grapple above the bars and crawl through.

You will encounter the first armored foe, use your cape to stun the armored enemies and then attack. Strike them with your flurry of blows when they are stunned.  Don’t forget to counter and watch out the attacks from behind as you initiate beatdown. 

Jump up to the floor above and then open the door using a the Batarang . You will encounters more enemies, eliminate them and progress. Use Evade to get behind them incase you find yourself in the large ground of enemies. 

When you get to the end of the hall one of the thugs will tell you she doesn’t want trouble. Head into the room on his right and enter the grate above the floor.

Use Batclaw to pull it down, and then use your Explosive Gel to break through the floor.

Go through the floor, then continue up through another grate and observe Black Mask.  Go through the path on the right and then drop down to take care of the thugs.  


Grapple and pull , then climb through the hole.  Use your Explosive Gel to break through the wall blocking your path.



It will be too late to save Loeb now, jump through the window and take care of the thugs and proceed ahead.


Collect the memory card from the destroyed drone. 


Grapple then climbs to the roof.  The killer Croc will be waiting for you.




 Killer Croc Battle

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