The Cave  Walkthrough


January , 2013 
January , 2013 
, 2013 
PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Wii U
Developer Publisher
Double Fine Productions Sega

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The Cave  Description

The Cave is the adventure video game which is developed by Double Fine Productions and distributed by Sega.  

The game is created by Ron Gilbert and is about the caves that lure people. The concept of the game came from the Maniac Mansion game which was out back in 1987.

Game story is about the magical talking cave with a complex set of tunnels within it. Seven characters, drawn from across time and space, came to the cave in hoping of leaning something about themselves and who they might become.

You will have to choose three characters to enter the cave with, and the result of the game depends on who you select. Each character has unique areas inside the cave dedicated to them, and have the ability to platformer certain abilities that grant to them when access to locations that others can’t reach.

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