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Battlefield 4 :Baku Walkthrough

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Baku is the first mission of the singleplayer campaign of Battlefield 4.

Once you gain the control of your character, you will be prompted to shoot out the windows to enable you to escape.  After shooting the windows you will gain the control of your character again and you will be in hallway of a classroom.

Go down the stairs and follow onscreen instruction to guide you on how to move debris blocking the way. After climbing the second staircase, go through the first door on the right. Inside, you will hear a chime when you hear this that means you are you are close to the Dog Tags (collectable). Check the bulletin board on the left wall to see a knife stuck to it. Dog Tags hang from it. Move closer and collect it.

There is a hole on the floor where enemy soldiers can pass through. You can’t attack since you don’t have any ammo. Proceed to the farthest left down the hallway to reach your destination.  


You will meet one of your squad members while talking to you another member will show up. Once you finish talking they will start taking barricades off the windows.

You will see an Irish, the third member of your squad on the street fighting a dog. You need to protect him, take out the enemies in the building on the right, more enemies will show up, take them out.

Once Irish is in the building, you need to get out of the school. Follow your squad through the opened door, which lead to a courtyard.


Take cover and wait for enemies to show up. Take them out, and then drop down. Take cover ad wait for more enemies to arrive from the other side.  Kill them and then go up the broken balcony on the left. Check in the box by the bookshelf for an M39 EMR.

More enemies will appears in the building with the glass windows take them out and follow your squad. 

Before going down the hole in the floor get to the windows on the other side for a Dog Tag from the shutters.


Follow your squad and grab a grenade launcher to blast a hole in the wall your squad is looking at.


Go through the trees and you will see a large building ahead which is the factory and is your destination.


More enemies will arrive by vehicle, use your binoculars to highlight them, start taking them out.


Secure the front of the factory and your squad will move into the factory and locate an elevator. As soon as you step on elevator your team will activate.  As you head up the helicopter will destroy the elevator.


Stay with your squad and do what as they do otherwise you will die. Follow them as they move to proper cover locations to avoid the helicopter fire. They will guide you to the roof where you need to reach your extraction point.

The building will collapse, you need to help Pac take off Dunn’s leg so you can leave the place.

Quickly go to the crashed helicopter, inside the co-pilot seat collect the last Dog Tags in this level and then head to the car. When Irish tells you to get into the car, drive forward into the smoke and then you’ll crash through the gates.

Proceed ahead, you will come across a paved road, continue follow this road until your car get knocked by a helicopter. Irish will give you a grenade launcher, use it quickly to destroy the helicopter before it will kill you.


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