How to Install SteamOS


User can now install SteamOS and building your own Steam Machine using the SteamOS beta release with compatible hardware. The process is different from machine to machine, and is not that stable either but you need to have a knowledge of Linux to make things easier. 

You can install SteamOS on physical hardware as well as virtual machines via VirtualBox. At the moment SteamOS does not work concorrenty on systems with Windows. 

Note: Unless you ops for a Virtual installation, below steps will wipe everything from your machine. 

Installing SteamOS on a Virtual PC

It is possible to install SteamOS on your computer without having to wipe your machine by using virtual machine. 

You need to download SteamOS zipe file and  Extract it into a directory. Then you need to use any of the .iso creation tool to burn that directory to a .iso file.

Once done, create and configure a new Virtual Machine.

Installing SteamOS on a PC

Before installing the SteamOS, make sure your system meets the minimum specifications and suppost UEFI booting processes (uless you are good at hacking to get around theUEFI requirement it best to use UEFI compatible machine) . 

  •  Processor: Intel or AMD 64-bit
  •  Memory: 4GB RAM
  •  Hard Drive: 500GB+
  •  Video Card: NVIDIA graphics card UEFI boot support USB port

Get the recent SteamOS beta and extract onto the root director of a FAT32 formatted USB thumb drive.

Go to BIOS to enable UEFI.

Turn off the machine and insert the USB stick and and boot via USB stick. Select the UEFI option when prompted.

Selected the Automated Install Option.

Once it's done use Steam user and password to log in. Now you are inside SteamOS beta (which is a variant of Debian Linux).

The menu is located at the top left, type steam and press enter. Steam will prompt you, install, and then boot.​

How to install SteamOS without UEFI

Many motherboards do not have a UEFI motherboard, this is a problem when installing Steam OS because it requires a UEFI


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