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Sir Hammerlock Game Hunt -Urine, You re Out- Side Mission

Welcome to Borderland 2 Sir Hammerlock Big Game Hunt walkthrough. Sir Hammerlock Big Game Hunt is the latest Borderland 2 DLC.  The DLC comes with addition new enemies, new weapons and a new boss to defeats.

Here is the Guide to help you completing Sir Hammerlock Game Hunt - Urine, You’re Out Side Mission

Borderlands 2:Sir Hammerlock Game Hunt -  Urine, You’re Out Side Mission Wiki Guide


  • Clean urine splatches [5]
  • Turn in

Borderlands 2: Sir Hammerlock Game Hunt - Urine, You’re Out Side Mission- Written Walkthrough

This is very interesting mission as Claptrap asks you to clean up urine. Claptrap tells you that you need to do this mission at night as the urine is visible at night. Head to south and jump into the Sun Swamp, and then head toward the waypoint. You should use fan boat to get there.

Go pass Ardorton docks and not far from there get off the boat and continue on foot toward the place.

Go to the area and eliminate all skagsin the area.  Now you need to look around you will sport five urine splotches.

Be careful while cleaning as enemies will be attacking you, eliminate them.

Urine Splaches location

  • The first is locate on a raised platform at the centre of the place, clean it.
  • Locate just outside the circle in the swamp
  • Look for the box  near goldfish which is locate toward the western side, the splatch is there
  • Look on the other side of the area radio/near banjo; you will see the fourth splotch
  • The last one is on the rock (glowing yellow), climb up rocl to get to the top and clean it.

Use the roots and rocks to jump up to the large toolbox.

Once finish clearing the urine go back to Claptrap and turn in.

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