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March 5, 2013-USA
March 7, 2013 Europe, Australia, Japan

March 8, 2013UK

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Maxis Electronic Arts



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    SimCity Cities of Tomorrow Expansion Wiki Guide


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    November 12, 2013  PC , Mac
    Developer Publisher

     Cities of Tomorrow is expansion pack/downloadable content for SimCity 2013. The contents features new futurists devices from 50 to 75 years in the future. 

    New content in the expansion includes:

    • Flying drones that can make deliveries and serve as policemen and firemen.
    • A new resource called Omega. It infects buildings and vastly increases their money output but severely increase the pollution they emit as well.
    • Customizable mega towers. (Sky Bridges for connecting them
    • The Academy
    • New resource "ControlNET"
    • Garbage Atomizers that completely destroy waste.
    • Wave Power Generators that generate electricity from the ocean.
    • Ground Scrubbers that turn ground pollution into air pollution that can then be blow away.
    • Maglev trains
    • Fusion Power Plants

    SimCity Cities of Tomorrow Expansion Wiki Guide







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