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EA is still working on the SimCity servers

The game was launched last Tuesday and left many players without access because of overwhelming demand.  

SimCity is an interesting game once you get around to playing it, also it is enjoyable in just watching it. unfortunately a lot of people are still having problem playing it.

Players need to log in to the SimCity servers to play- are consistently busy, overloaded, or unreliable. EA had to urn off the servers to install update.

It has been two full days without access to SimCity server and Electronic Arts reported that they are still working on fixing SimCity server connection issues.

Players are having issues download the game from the Origin servers and even if they managed to get it, they still struggled to find a server with enough room for them.


Angry  players believe that SimCity's always -online requirement is a hassle.  Althrough players can play on some European servers but this doesnt help those who has already started cities on regions with their friends on the US servers. 

SimCity launched 5 March on Windows PC in North America. It will be available March 7 in Europe, Australia and Japan, on March 8 in the U.K. and this spring on Mac OS X.

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