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Skyrim: Dragonborn Elmus Favor

Here is the guide on how to complete the Skyrim: Dragonborn Elmus Favor Quest

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  • Talk to Elmus in Bujold's Retreat before you decide to attack the Nords or thRieklings.
  • Travel to Thirsk Mead Haland retrieve one bottle of Ashfire Mead.
  • Head back to Elmus for your reward.

Find Elmus who is located at the Bujold's Retreat camp. He will tell you that he want to drink Ashfire Mead from the Thirsk Mead Hall, however the Rieklings have taken over. 

Travel to Thirsk Mead Hall, incase you havent attack the hall yet(have not complete Skyrim: Dragonborn The Chief of Thirsk Hall guest), you will come accross the Rieklings just outside the hall. 

You will have to talk tRieklings chief, then find the Ashfire mead and return to Elmus. 

Give him the mead and collect your reward

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