Resident Evil 7 Biohazard walkthrough

Guest House

Starting the game, you’ll be driving down the long barren roads of the Louisiana bayous until your car can go no further. Exit the car, and you’ll get a glimpse of a large estate shrouded by trees and shrubs.

Head to the main gate but is locked, check the map you will see the path on the left. Use the path to ge to the estate. Check inside the car to find a script for a TV show film crew, and some message at the back of it.  Continue moving until you come across the man, you will lose him for some time and then you will see him again. Go under the altar to get to the back of the estate's Guest House, then drop down into the yard. 

Check the smouldering ruins on the left to find a purse with driving licence of Mia's driver. Also there is an email from Mia. The email is one of the Collectible Files. 

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