Battlefield 4: Multiplayer beginner tips

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Battlefield 4: Multiplayer beginner tips

One of the core game play aspects is using your primary weapon and kill enemy infantry. In Battlefield, vehicles are  also important. For beginner is recommended that you start with smaller games with large focus on infantry warfare. Doing this you will be able to get use to your weapons 

Ideal Game Modes

Class and Weapon

After select the game mode then next step is to choose the class and weapon type. 

The Assault class is ideally for the new players to learn the ropes in Team Death Match or Domination. This class of weapon does the most damage within 50 meters as it is accurate at over 100 meters. Your first unlock of the Assault class is the Defibrillators (Score: 11,000). The Defibrillators allow you to revive downed squad members and teammates.  

Squad Selection

The next stage is choosing the squad, the maximun squad size is five in Battlefield 4. Make sure you turn on our microphoe on if possible. Communication plays a big part on making a squad successfull. This will also allows you to call out siper or requesting ammunitions etc. 


Unlike other games, Battlefield 4 comes with a Test Range.  Vehicles are a huge part of what makes Battlefield unique. It is recommended that you get into Test Range to fine tune your skills in any vehicle.

Battlelog – Track Your Progress

Battlelog is an essential tool to your success. Sign up for Battlelog if you’re playing Battlefield 4 on the PC. Battleog gives players  statistical data, your progression towards unlocks and awards. Along with some of the more in depth functions include customizing both your weapon and vehicle loadouts.  


Multiplayer Map


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