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Battlefield 4: Levolution Triggers Guide

Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Wiki Guide


How to trigger Destruction Events (Levolution) in Battlefield 4

Levolution is one of new features in Battlefield 4. levolution adds another great layer on top of the multiplayer gameplay 

How to trigger the Battlefield 4 Levolution

Each of the ten Battlefield 4 Multiplayer map have their own Levolution feature.

Levolution in Siege of Shanghai

To trigger the big tower collapse: At the front building facing the water there are 4 large support columns / pillars.

You need to destroy all four (you can use tank from the water front) and the building comes down.

Minor Battlefield 4 Levolution features on Siege of Shanghai include the security bollards on bridges, along with numerous elevators that give access to rooftops on the map

Levolution in Paracel Storm

The sunny weather turns into a tropical storm, then the map will turns darker, the ocean waves increase significantly, and finally, the large destroyer smashes into the island.

Alernative you can destroy the windmil/turbine that hold it in place, this will speed up the process. However it will destro and kill ay players who is on the way.

Levolution in Flood Zone

The map will gets flooded if players destro the large levee with C4 explosive and rocket launcher. This will flooded most of the street and area on the map. This mean players will have to use the rooftops instead.

Levolution in Dawnbreaker

There are series of gas pipes underneath in the urban map, that can be pressurized by players, to a point where they explode.

Each end of the map there are two pipe control points, they need to be turned on, then the pipes eventually explode. The explosion will start cracking the ground across the map, bringing down bridges, and more.

Also as the sun comes up during the match, the the light changes from dark to light.

Levolution in Golmud Railway

Train is one of the control point in this map. The team who control the point, the train will be moving toward their home base so it makes easy to defend.

Also players can put IED bombs around the road and detonate with grenades, grenade launchers, and rockets. 

Levolution in Hainan Resort

Players can bring down the left and right side of the tall hotel by destroying the ground level using explosive and rocket launchers. 

Also there are oil slicks around the Hainan Resort level that can be set on fire to change the enemy's path.

Levolution in Lancang Dam

This is one of the hardest Levolution events to trigger because the dam is tough and need alot of damage to bring it down. You need to destroy much of the surrounding area using rockets, tank shots and other explosives.

Levolution in Operation Locker

This map is set in prison and it has a massive guard tower which is central control point. Players need to bring it down using explosive. 

The maps also feature alot of gates and doors that can be locked to stop enemies players from entering certain areas. 

Levolution in Rogue Transmission

In this map there is a large radio telescope located in the middle. This radio telescope can be brought down by destroying ten cables that hold it using C4, rocket launchers, vehicles etc. 

Levolution in Rogue Zavod 311

Players need to destroy the smokestack and bring it down by arming a warheard on a laptop in the industrial building. Then it will explode after 3 minutes.


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