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Pokemon X and Y: How To Get Zygarde

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How to Get Zygarde

Once you have complete and beating Pokemon X or Pokemon Y the first time, it is best to try catching another legendary Pokemon known as Zygarde. By now you should know where the legendary is based on the letter Z coming after the X-based Xerneas and Y-based Yveltal considering past games. 

Catching Zygarde

Step 1:

Fly to Couriway Town and go toward north to Route 18, you will be able to see a cave. Enter the Terminus cave

Step 2

  •  In the cave there are many items scattered throughout you can collect them if you wish to do so. 
  • Keep walking until when you reach a stairwell.
  •  Go toward south and then west follow by south again while jumping over gaps. Head to the west and north up a ramp to a wooden bridge. Cross the bridge to the east and go to south where you will face a trainer battle.
  •  After complete the battle proceed toward south for a bit and then east up a small ramp and across another wooden bridge to the east. You will find another trainer on the bridge you have a choice to fight or avoid.
  •  Once you have cross the bridge go down the only ramp you can and head north. You will come across another trainer, again you can choose to fight or not. Proceed toward north, you will see a stairwell on the east wall, go down the stairs .
  •  Proceed north to find another trainer you can fight if you want. Keep moving north with some zigzags. Don’t use Rock Smash on any of the rocks as you should just keep heading north.
  • You will come across a fork where you can go north or east. Go to the east and again you have a choice to fight or not to fight with a trainer, then proceed eastward.
  • Head south down the pathway he was pacing back and forth on until you come across a wall where you can choose to go east or west. Go east and then turn south almost right away, where you will have to battle with two trainers.
  •   After the battle go south until to reach a wall, then head east and go up the stairs.
  •   Make your way north where you will meet another trainer who you can’t avoid. When the battle ends move slightly north and then take the stairs on the west wall.
  •   Proceed north  and you will arrive at Zygarde.

Step 3

SAVE RIGHT NOW! And  Speak with Zygarde to begin the battle.

Battle with Zygarde


  •   Dragon Pulse
  •   Camouflage
  •   Earthquake
  •   Crunch

Zygarde is much tougher matchup than Xerneas or Yveltal, however you can still win the battle easily at this point.

You will need to paralyse it (or put it to sleep status) before attempt to catch it with Dust Ball. Wait until Zygarde uses its Camouflage move to transform into the Rock-type, and then select a Pokemon that knows Spore or Thunder Wave like Jolteon to paralyze Zygarde.

Then you can throw the Dust Balls to catch Zygarde since it cannot move.


Since this Zygarde is located in a cave, it is best to use a Dusk Ball throughout most of the battle as it will give you a 3.5x multiplier. However if the battle goes on a little while, start using Timer Balls instead as they will give you up to a 4x multiplier, depending on the length of the battle.


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