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Buried : Orb Locations Guide 

There are few Obs located in different places in the Buried Zombie map. The orbs area dark with purple/red swirls inside.  You will be to change turn them to white by charging them.

What does the Orb do?

The orbs play part in the Easter egg for Maxis  and you can charge the orbs and use the Subsurface Resonator to make them exploded

How to charge the Orbs  

Get the wonder weapon (paralyzer) and firing at the the orbs until its change to white.

Orb Location

Orb # 1 Main Street Outside the Saloon

This orb is located at the main street, on the side of the building (next to the coach wheels) next to the salon. Actually between Saloon and the Sweet Shop. 


Orbs # 2 Outside Church on rocks

The orb is against a pile of rubble on the left side of the Court House/church


Orb # 3 Mines 

At the beginning, take the tunnel opposite the Quick Revive machine. Keep going around until you reach it.


Orb #4 At the back of the mansion

This orb is well hidden in the tree leaf at the back of the mansion by the big tree next to the steps.



How to build the "Subsurface Resonator


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