Battlefield 4:Obliteration Multiplayer Mode

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Battlefield 4:Obliteration Multiplayer Mode

Combat type: Mad dash in vehicles and on foot to deliver explosives

Designed for:  24 (X360, PS3) 32 (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
Commander mode: Optional

This one of the new mode in Battlefield 4 and the most frantic and high-paced modes available. The mode is also called ”Battlefield Moments Generator”. Obliteration is definitely the most explosive! In the mode a bomb spawns at a random location on the map.

Both teams must fight to pick up the bomb, arm it at one of the enemy’s three military installations and blow it up. Once a bomb has detonated, the next one randomly spawns in a new location and the chaos starts all over.

The game lasts until one team has detonated the other team’s three objectives. Obliteration can be devastatingly quick or a harrowing tug of war depending on how good your team is at staying together and delivering the bomb. There is as time limit in place to make sure the match does not go on for too long.

Compared to Conquest the action in Obliteration tends to be heavily focused on wherever the bomb is located. Since there’s only one bomb at a time, you will often find yourself going from attacker to defender in the blink of an eye.

Players need to be able to predict enemy movement to defend at the right place at the right time and reclaim the offensive – or intercept the enemy to reclaim possession of the bomb. The constantly shifting playing field from offense to defense is partly inspired by American football – with the detonation of an enemy installation being the Battlefield equivalent of scoring a touchdown.


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