Battlefield 4: infiltrator virtue Trophy / Achievement Guide


Battlefield 4: infiltrator virtue Trophy / Achievement Guide

Get 10 adrenaline kills in the Tashgar mission in the Campaign

This achievement/ trophy can be obtain during the Tashgar​ Mission. â€‹For this achievement/trophy you need to get 10 adrenaline kills. The adrenaline kill is when you get a kill while you have less than 20 health, your health will be flashing red on your the screen. 

If you get shot/kill you will only get one adrenaline kill. The best to do this is to find one enemy who is in the room alone, then sneak up on them with a shotgun and let him shot you down to under 20. But if he shot you from behind you will be killed. Once the enemy shot you down to under 20 then use your shotgun to kill him.

Alternative method is to find a group of enemy, throw a grenade and then stand near cover, let the enemy shot you until when you are under 20. Once you are under 20, prine behind the ammo and let the gredade exploded and kill them.

Note: Dont damage yourself to reduce your health to 20 as it is a bit risky.


Patience is virtue Trophy / Achievement 




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