Battlefield 4: Domination Multiplayer Mode

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Battlefield 4: Domination Multiplayer Mode

Combat type: Fast-paced infantry variant of Conquest

Designed for: 20 players (all platforms)
Commander mode: no

Domination is an intense, infantry only game mode that made its debut in Battlefield 3: Close Quarters. In this mode players will be sharing many of the elements of Conquest (capturing flags, bleeding your enemies’ tickets to zero), however Domination is tighter and more focused. Players will always be closer to a flag, which means you’ll be constantly on the move and constantly in the thick of the action.

In contrast to Conquest, capturing flags is much quicker in Domination, and the ticket count is lower than in Conquest Multiplayer Mode. Players also lose tickets more slowly if you own a minority of the bases. This means that every kill made in Domination means much more for the outcome of the entire match than it does in Conquest.


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