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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - Templar Hunt: Opia Apito Walkthrough

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Wiki Guide


Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - Templar Hunt: Opia Apito Walkthrough


You need to find Opia Apito on Cayman Sound first. She challenges you to a hunting contest. You need to gather more skins then others and you win. Use Eagle Vision to find critters, and then shoot them or make them fall asleep, and skin them. 

You must keep up with Opia or you will loose. There are more animals by the beaches. Once you get five animals, then a white jaguar attack you, you must survive and kill the jaguar to finish the mission.


The next task is to help investigating the Templar ships.  Sail to Grand Cayman to meet Opia.

Follow her as she walks through the town while talking. When the conversation finishes you need to locate Alvin. Use your Eagle Vision to find him and then eavesdrop on Alvin along with his associates.


When they finish talking you need to steal the ledger. Get behind one of them, and pickpocket the ledger from him. 


Go and talk to Opia in Grand Cayman. Follow Opia while keep talking. When you reach the Home of Vargas she will then tell you to hide. Turn around and hide into the pile of palm fronds.

After a cutscene chase Vargas but he gets away. Reach the wheel of the Jackdaw, and incapacitate Vargas’ ship.

Board the ship and then eliminate the enemies and you will face Vargas.


Set sail for Pinos Isle to find Opia for the last time. Talk to her and then tail the soldier with her as he walks through the jungle without being detected. When he gets to the last corner he will stop and turn around, hide in the bushes.

He will enter inside the ruins, climb to the top floor and then eliminate all the guards inside.


Use the powder kegs on the ground or the stalking zones to clear the area. When the area is clear, more enemies will arrive. Eliminate the enemies; you can use smoke bomb to take them out quickly. 

Once the area is clear, chase Lucia Marquez and kill him. Collect the Templar key.

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