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Origins Zombie Map : How to build Ice Staff

The Ice Staff is one of four buildable elemental staffs in the Apocalypse DLC map Origins. The Staff is built from different parts 

Staff of Ice
Damage 1000 + (150)
Cost (Zombies) Buildable
Range (explanation) 100
Starting Ammunition 12 + (120)
Fire Mode Ice blast
Used by Original Characters (young)

You will need to callect all blue staff parts along with music record to be able to build the Ice Staff.

Parts for the ice staff must be dug up from the ground using the shovel. There are few dig sites around the map. You may find that it is easy to dig when it is snowing increased the chances of finding a new part rather than ammo or a new gun .

Note, that you can only find 1 part per round and the part will spawn in different locations each time.

  • The blue music disc is always located at Generator 2, inside the Tank room (but this is not where the tank is!). Check the shelves in this room and you should find the disc quite easily.

 Musical Parts

You will need a musical discs to  be able to access the ancient burial area of the excavation site. You'll notice that the entrance to the tombs is blocked until you play the music discs. You'll need to find the Gramophone which is located below the Pack-a-Punch machine (at the base of the  Excavation Site (check the video below) 

Once you have found a Gramophone/musical part, go to the Ice tunnel,and place the Gramophone on the bench, and go through the portal that appears and you'll be taken to a burial ground with several coloured stones. Each colour corresponds to a particular staff e.g. yellow is the Wind staff. Pick up the crystal for the staff you want to build (and also have all the parts for).  Take the Snowflake Symbol from the Blue pillar near the center.

Place the Gramophone on the table in the area under Pack-A-Punch, Head down the stairs to the blue staff holder and build the Ice Staff.

Completing the Build

The staffs are built in the lower level of the excavation site using the strange tombs. Accessing the lower level is possible by finding the correct music disc and placing the Gramophone  with the appropriate Disc on the table.

Wait for a short period of time, wait for the bottom of the Tomb to open up, place the parts on the pedestal for the Ice staff, build it, and collect you Ice Staff


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