Animal Crossing: New Leaf - How to make Bells easy

Here is the easy way of making money/bells in Animal crossing : New Leaf.

Play with friends

It makes it easy to make money if you can visit other players's towns. You can sell items like fruits to other players.

Selling Perfect Fruits to other players

Your native fruits tree may grow a perfect fruits which will be worth more in the town where it's not the native fruit. The best thing to do is to plant a lot of them  and sell it to other players.

Stalk market

If you have enough bells you can buy turnips from Joan on Sunday morning and then check with Reese to fins out about the Stalk Market price throughout the week. If the stock market goes up you can see them for a big profit and also you can see it to other players' town 

Catch Fish and bugs on the Island

Visit resort island after 7pm to catch a lot of good value bugs and fish. Catch them and keep them in the box by Leilani's counter to send them back to your village and head to Reese to sell them  for a profit.

Work in progress

Dig Up Fossils

Find the Money Rock

Find the "Fake" Rock to get Ore

Check the "High Price Item" at Re-Tail

Shake Trees

Shoot Down Balloon Presents

Buy Fortune Cookies

Build a Police Station and Sell Items from the Lost and Found

Improve your Feng Shui

Wear Katrina's Good Luck Item


House Remodeling




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