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Far cry 3-Playing the Spoiler

Far cry 3-Playing the Spoiler is the seventh mission in Far Cry 3. After discovering an intel which leads Jason to believe some of his friend are still alive.


  • Go talk to Dennis.
  • Go to the Logging Camp.
  • Get to the vantage point.
  • Disable the alarm before it is activated.
  • Enter the weapon cache.
  • Plant the bomb.
  • Get to a safe spot.
  • Escape the area or kill all remaining pirates nearby.

Far cry 3-Playing the Spoiler Guide

Go talk to Dennis.

Fast travel to Amanaki Town, just ahead you will meet Dennis. Denis will ward you that Vaas and several pirates are planning to attack Amanaki Town and beg you to help them. Now you need to sabotage Vaas’ weapon supply. Once finish talking to him head southeast in the direction of the next yellow indicator on the mini-map.

Go to the Logging Camp.

You will see a commandeer a vehicle, driving in the direction of the current objective marker and park outside the perimeter of the indicated logging camp, then carry on walking and move between the various structures to stay in cover without being detected. There is a radio tower there you should activate while you are there.

Be careful there is groups of enemies, try to avoid them, you could throw rocks at single patrolling guards to cause a distraction and eliminate them from behind to continue in the direction of the current objective marker without being detected.

In case you raise the alarm in this mission, you will have to take cover straight away to equip an automatic rifle and open fire on the surrounding enemies that approach until you are forced to momentarily retreat.

Plant the bomb.

Go towards the next objective marker then enter the indicated building. You will find weapons cache, search the surrounding room for ammunition and other supplies.

Move to the objective marker in the room to plant the bomb on top of the crate and exit the building before the 15-seconds timer reaches 0 seconds. More pirates will show up, you could either take them or dodge them.  

Escape the area or kill all remaining pirates nearby.

To avoid them you will need to swim across the river and keep going towards opposite direction to the pirates, until the mission completed.

If you decide to stay, follow your map to locate the remaining pirates in the area by taking cover

Next Mission Far Cry 3: Prison Break-in

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