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Far Cry 3 : Lin Cong I Presume

Lin Cong I Presume is the nineteenth Mission in Far Cry 3. After recovered the third piece of the compass which means  you have to find the ancient knife Buck wants in exchange for Keith, the mission starts


  • Go talk to Buck.
  • Find a way to the tomb.
  • Dive into the cenote.
  • Find the entrance.
  • Find the way to the tomb.
  • Follow the cable to find another path.
  • Use the scaffolding to reach the hot water.
  • Cross the hot water.
  • Reach the tomb entrance, the knife must be inside.
  • Find the real tomb entrance.
  • Open the sarcophagus and pick up the knife.
  • Avoid the traps, get out.

Far Cry 3 :Lin Cong I Presume Walkthrough

Go talk to Buck

You must first go speak to Buck. Buck is located northwest of your location, and you could fast travel to Outpost which is southern of the objective.

You will find him lying on a rock near a large rift. We will talk for few minutes and leave you there.  You need to retrieve the ancient knife for Buck, now you need to get to the tomb.

Dive into the cenote.

You need to jump into the cenote, you can do that nearly any ledge, you need to aim the jump well avoid hitting the sides of the wall on the way down.

Find the way to the tomb.

Once in the water you need to find the entrance, head toward the western side of the cenote, get out of the water and climb to the cave.

There is an entrance which can be found close to the entrance to somewhere, and then open. 

Find the way to the tomb

Once you enter carry on walk ahead and climb up the vines to the top of the structure ahead, and you will find dogs, and people(pirates). 

Head down and kill the pirate and the dogs. Just ahead of you there is a Pirate Heavy gunner kill him, though is not easy. Eliminate all enemies on your way as you continue toward your objective.

Once kill all the enemies look around for anything you can collect then us the zipline to go down.  When you landed there will be two enemies toward your left, and one behind you. Eliminate then, though they are both difficulty.

There are more enemies on this floor; you need to eliminate them as many as possible, try to do this without going down to that floor, be careful as they will try to use grenades. 

Once killed them then take the zipline across the crater. Kill the remaining enemies, and then continue down the path to the right. If you look through the ledge you will see one molotov thrower. Take him down, and then take the zipline to the building just in front of you.

Now use the scaffolding to the left to reach the hot water. Be careful as the water below is hot and will hurt you. You will come across two enemies, take them  and keep going through the cave toward the objective. You will come across a river of hot water, drop down to the objective point, then continue along the river.

There are few fountains which spurt out hot water spontaneously try to avoid touching and leap across any gaps between stone platforms. There will be three enemies not too far up ahead of the hot water river by a stone wall. Kill them start with the RPG shooter.

Once kill them then cross the stone path ahead, then get to the next room. You will see three enemies kill them, start with the two and finish with molotov thrower. 

Then cross the stone path, climb up the vines, trek up the slope, and kill the molotov thrower, there is a door on your left  use a compass to open up the door.

There is a hallway, go through the hallway, climb up the stone wall, and then go down to the platform below, turn to the right, and take the wooden platforms to the bottom floor.

You will notice that the boiling hot water in the room will rise and lower every few seconds.  Avoid getting caught in it when it rises, and wait when the water level is lower. You will be able to jump up on the several to avoid being melted during the water's time of rising. When the water is low, step down, and continue along the path, look for the place to climb up. You will come across a spit path, take the one to the right; you need to crouch beneath the arch in the middle of the platform.

After cross the hot water, go up the path and climb up the vines. At the ledge continue forward, and to climb up the next ledge as well.

Keep going and you will come across the stairs go up, when you get to the top use the compass on the stone structure above to open up, this will open the entrance to the real tomb.

Go down the stairs and be careful as there are komodo dragons, you need to kill them, then open up the sarcophagus and you will see a knife, pick it up.

Once you pick up the knife, this will activate more booby traps. You need to run forward and keep running toward the door and you need to press the right buttons to avoid being rushed, keep going through the tunnel towards the white light. The mission ends when you reach the surface.


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