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Vetra Nyx: Means and Ends

Mass Effect Andromeda - Vetra Nyx Means and Ends -

1. Go to Vetra on the Tempest,

2. Read Vetra message,

3. Go to H-047c in the Remav system,

4. Find the abandoned mine,

5. Find a way out of Merriweather's prison,

6. Accompany the colonists to the stroage room,

7. Deal with Guards,

8. Speak to Galloway,

9. Head to the mess hall,

10. Deal with outlaws in the mess hall,

11. Get to the Menagerie,

12. Kill the Fiend,

13. Go to the workshop,

14. Get to the sid,

15. Kill Merriweather and her guards,

16. Talk to sid.Gil Brodie: A Game of Poker