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Mass Effect 4 is the title for the next entry in Mass Effect Universe and is te first title for the new generation consoles

E3 2014

The developer stated that the next Mass Effect will take place in a whole new area  of space.  Developers confirmed to have a clear picture for how the franchise would continue. 

According to BioWare Edmonton and Montreal boss Aaryn Flynn, "I can't get into that too much. We've got a really cool idea for how we're going to carry on - keep the trilogy separate but at the same time give a bunch of nods to fans who enjoyed the trilogy in the past."

"That's all going to come out soon."


It is confirmed that Shepard will not appear in the next game, and that your previous companions are unlikely to return either.

"Hmm," Flynn mused when asked about returning characters. "Definitely returning races. It wouldn't be a Mass Effect game without the krogans - we showed a krogan today."



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