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Fake Apple chargers are not safe


Those cheap third-party charger for Apple gadgets are not safe, according to the study. The Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI), a UK association representing trading standards professionals, has tested 400 counterfeit chargers for Apple products, the BBC reported Friday. The result was pitiful: Only three chargers were insulated well enough to protect against electric shocks. 

Also the test was done on the second-hand goods in local shop and found out that 15% of 3,019 electrical goods were non-compliant with UK standards. 

And Gillian Guy, CEO of UK consumer organization Citizens Advice released a statemnt to ward customers,  "Look out for tell-tale signs of counterfeiting such as mistakes in brand names or logos, and check plugs for safety marks — all genuine electrical items made in the EU should have a CE mark on them."

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