Borderland 2: Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC Review


Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep is the final campaign DLC for Borderland 2. It looks like your box is going out with a bang. For those who think the Borderland 2 video game is silly, well think again because this add-on Tiny Tina Assault on Dragon Keep is led by a thirteen years old girl.


Although the DLC is led by a thirteen-year-old girl but you will be dealing with more mature mission that what the lead character may lead you to believe. Tina is in denial after losing her friend so she creates this fantasy world with the game of Bunkers & Badasses.

The game is all in Tina’s mind so she can create things like monster and anything form the fantasy world things like rainbow etched across the sky or unicorn etc. As well as creating things she can also change them during the mission. For example, in the first mission she created a Handsome Dragon and she realised that she made a mistake and instantly change the scenery.


The game is great as the DLC brings all characters in to the final add-on of Borderland 2 video game. All return cast playing the role of NPCs. When traveling to Unassuming Docks of Little Importance you will meet our heroes there.

The DLC storyline adding depth and still retains humour provide social commentary and issues discussed in gaming communities.


This campaign doesn’t lack enemies’ variety compare to other borderland campaign. This add-on offer new enemies both creepy and cute such as dwarf, skeletons, handsome dragon.  Each enemy has unique and character behaviour. The boss fights (like the battle with the handsome dragon) are well design and the combat is really good.

The treasure chests gets in on the old-school adventure actions, rolling a D20 to determine the quality of loot you come away with. Spend a bit of eridium, and you can roll two D20s to up the ante. There is also plenty of magical weapons and decent amount of end-game contents.  


The environments are amazing and detailed. Each area is tailored to exude a classic western-RPG feel, with high fantasy-styled naming conventions. You will get the opportunity to explore the forest of Tranquillity and then when Brick claims that the forest is too boring for his tastes, at which point it then becomes the Forest of Being Eaten Alive by Trees.


Just like most of the video games, this add-on experiences some occasional bugs and glitches. For instance story NPC will glitches out where you can’t proceed until you restart the game. However these issues are not a big deal in comparison to the good thing about the game.


Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep is the best Borderlands 2 add-on. This ad-on has well over 8 hours. It is clearer that a lot of thought was put into this campaign hence making it the best ending to the borderland game. If you only want to buy only one add-on to borderland 2 then Tiny Tina is the best of them all. 

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