Final Fantasy XV 

 Xbox One  PS4 
Release Date: November, 2016

Final Fantasy XV - Weapons

Roral Arms

This page contains a list of all Roral Arms  found in Final Fantacy VX as well as how to obtain them. There are total of 13 Roral Arms 

Some are automatic story unlocks while others must be obtained from optional dungeons.

Royal Arm Attack Source
Sword of the Wise 194 Quest
Axe of the Conqueror 483 Quest
Swords of the Wanderer 153 Quest
Blade of the Mystic 396 Quest
Katana of the Warrior    
Trident of the Oracle    
Sword of the Father    
Bow of the Clever    
Sword of the Tall    
Sword of the Just    
Scepter of the Pios    
Star of the Rogue    
Mace of the Fierce


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