Final Fantasy XV 

 Xbox One  PS4 
Release Date: November, 2016

Final Fantasy XV: Leide Side Quests

A Better Circular Saw

 "A master mechanic, Cid can modify mechanized weapons to unleash their full potential. If Noctis can obtain a sky gemstone, Cid will upgrade the Circular Saw-but he might take a while."


  • ​Give Cid a Sky Gemstone
  • Pass the time with quests and hunts (Complete two hunts/quests)
  • Retrieve the weapons from Cid

 Rewards: 2000 XP Circular Saw Plus

  •  Walkthrough
  • Once you have acquire the Circula Saw. take it to Cid Sophier at the garage in Hammerhead. You will need a Gemstone to upgrade the weapon. 


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