Final Fantasy XV 

 Xbox One  PS4 
Release Date: November, 2016

Final Fantasy XV- Duscae Side Quests

Chase That Chocobo!

Chase That Chocobo! is one of Duscae Side Quest in Final Fantasy XV. This is the fourth quest from Wiz.

Location Level Reward
Wiz Chocobo Post 12
  • 2,000 EXP
  • Valfruit Seeds
  • O'Ghomoro Berry Seeds
  • Cieldalaes Pineapple Seeds
  • Han Lemon Seeds

After completing A Feathery Feast, Wiz knows of another Chocobo in distress. Head to the location on your map to find the injured bird. When you arrive, a herd of saberclaws will ambush you. Take them down. Then, give a potion to the Chocobo to heal it. Lastly, return to Wiz to complete the mission.


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