Final Fantasy XV 

 Xbox One  PS4 
Release Date: November, 2016

Final Fantasy XV- Duscae Side Quests

The Professor's Protege - Yellow Frogs

The Professor's Protege - Yellow Frogs is one of Duscae Side Quests in Final Fantasy XV. This is Sania's second quest.

Location Level Reward
Cauthess Rest Area 15
  • 4,000 EXP
  • Rainbow Pendant

You need to complete The Professor's Protege side quest to be able to unlock this one at at Cauthess Rest Area. The professor is located on the red building closest to the diner on the second floor. She'll want you to collect five yellow frogs this time.

Make your way to the indicated location and then run around the edge of the water to find all five frogs. Listen closely and you'll find them easily. Bring them back to professor Sania and you'll be finished!


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