Final Fantasy XV 

 Xbox One  PS4 
Release Date: November, 2016

Final Fantasy XV : Cleigne Side Quests

An Eye for Islands

An Eye for Islands is one of Cleigne Side Quest in Final Fantasy XV. This is Vyv's second quest.

Location Level Reward
Lestallum 10 1,500 EXP, 7,500 gil

You need to complete The Perfect Landscape to be able to unlock this mission. One the mission become available go and talk to Vyv again. He will give you another photography assignment.

Make your way to Galdin Quay to get the shot and enter a searchsearch area when you  reach the docks. Go to the left of the chef to find the photo op location. Make sure it's during daylight hours and take the picture. Take the picture. Then, return to Vyv to complete the mission.


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