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Fable Anniversary Silver Keys Location

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Fable Anniversary Silver Keys Guide

Tip: How to find missing Silver Keys?:The Silver Keys will appear simply as a large silver colored key (with a white glowing orb around it) that you can pick up to collect when you walk over it. To confirm it as being Silver Keys, walking until you’re on top of it, and you see the text on-screen confirming that you have found a “Silver Key”

Here are the 30 Silver Keys of Albion. 

  1. Key #1: The first time you leave the guild, look for vines to destroy and you will find your first Silver Key.
  2. Key #2: During your first visit to Bowerstone South, enter the first building on your left and go upstairs to find this key.
  3. Key #3: After you buy a fishing rod, you can go back to the Guild and enter the Guild Woods. There's only one body of water here, so find the fishing spot and fish out a Silver Key.
  4. Key #4: Your first time entering Greatwood Lake, immediately veer off to the right to obtain this very obvious key.
  5. Key #5: Go to the area where you had the Hobbe Killing Contest with Whisper, and fish off of the dock.
  6. Key #6: During your first visit to Fisher Creek, save the fishermen and then fish around the fishing spots behind his house to fish up this key.
  7. Key #7: Visit Rose Cottage in Greatwood, and dig in the round flowerbed beside the house.
  8. Key #8: Go to the end of Hobbe Cave where you rescued James in the "Hobbe Cave Quest" side quest, and dig around to find this key. 
  9. Key #9: The stone can be found just outside of the Darkwood Bordello. You will need to use your bow to get this, as you need to sink an arrow right through the middle. 
  10. Key #10: The Ancient Cullis Gate is in Darkwood. You need to fish off the side of the dock to get it. There is a fishing spot on each side, so check each one (depending on which direction you are heading from). 
  11. Key #11: **KEY ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE LOST CHAPTERS** You will need to clear Oakvale's beach of the Pirate Ghost before you can compete in the Chicken Kicking Competition. Once you do, score 150 points to get the key. 
  12. Key #12: This will be in Twinblade's Camp, not the Elite Camp.
  13. Key #13: Head towards the Demon Door at the Grey House, and fish into the water.
  14. Key #14: Upon entering Witchwood Stones, look into the water immediately to the left to find the key.
  15. Key #15: As you move on through Witchwood Lake, look for a red statue to the left of the screen. Dig under the statue to find the key. 
  16. Key #16: This key is in between the house that you can purchase in Knothole Glade, and the house to the left of it. Go in between the two houses to get this key.
  17. Key #17: You must get access to Bowerstone Manor by either becoming mayor of Bowerstone North, or by marrying Lady Grey.
  18. Key #18: Beside the house in Windmill Hill, dig in the patch of dirt to the left of it.
  19. Key #19: Head towards Gibbet Woods, but stop and go towards the windmill. If you go behind the house, you should see a patch of dirt to dig into. 
  20. Key #20: **KEY IS MISSABLE** You can access to this area only if you fight Thunder for Lady Grey's hand in marriage. If you do not marry Lady Grey, you cannot get this area to open, and you will not be able to obtain this Silver Key.
  21. Key #21-23: Can be found by digging/looting Lychfield Graveyard, starting with your first visit. 
  22. Key #24: This key can be found on your way to rescue your Mother from Bargate Prison. I had a hard time with this location, and remembering where it was, so be sure to pick it up on your way through.
  23. Key #25: **KEY ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE LOST CHAPTERS** As you get off of the Ship of the Drowned, dig into the grave that is beside the house.
  24. Key #26: **KEY ONLY AVAILABLE IN LOST CHAPTERS** Fish on the side of the broken bridge that is beside the Demon Door. 
  25. Key #27: The Lighthouse is the area that you fought Maze. Examine the cabinet for this key.
  26. Key #28: **KEY AVAILABLE ONLY IN THE LOST CHAPTERS** Give the Bowerstone teacher 25 different books to obtain this key.
  27. Key #29: **ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE LOST CHAPTERS** After saving the fisherman from bees during your first visit to Fisher Creek, you can visit him later to take part in a fishing competition. If you get second place, you can get rewarded with a silver key. 
  28. Key #30: After helping the Ghost Pirate on the beach in Oakvale, he will tell you where his treasure is buried. If you go the Memorial Garden, dig under your Dad's grave for the key as well as a weapon.


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