Hitman Absolution Evidence Locations Terminus

Hitman Absolution – Terminus is the third in the game and you will need to kill the king of Chinatown before unlocking this level.

Blake Dexter who is arms manufacturer is also interest in Victoria the girl Agent 47 is protecting.

Here is how you will be able to locate the two Hitman Absolution Evidence pieces can be found in Terminus.

Hitman Absolution Terminus Mission Details

The Man From South Dakota

“Birdie’s intel is never wrong. A Midwestern arms manufacturer named Blake Dexter is in Chicago searching for Victoria. The Agency would never share their secrets with outsiders; someone else must have leaked the information. But who? I can’t trust anyone. All I know is that the girl is innocent. She doesn’t deserve this. I will infiltrate Blake Dexter’s suite at the Terminus Hotel and learn the truth for myself.” 

Evidence 1 – Terminus Hotel

Get inside the Terminus Hotel and then go straight to the manager’s room. Entering the hotel via hotel’s main entrance, turn right, the room is the one with detailed metallic grates instead of windows.

The Evidence is located on the TV desk

Evidence 2 – Upper Floors

The second Evidence is found on the 8th floor. Get to room 899, take a left to access the festivities room, and then enter one of the two double doors on our right (it is the room at the opposite end of the room with the screen projector).

There is a table in the room near the window and the dossier with the Evidence is on it.

Remember to keep low profile on this floor

Be warned that Agent 47 will be getting attacked here. The agent is hunted by the police, go to the next mission in line, Hitman Absolution Evidence Locations Run for Your Life

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