Dishonored 2 

 Xbox One  PS4 PC 
Release Date: November 11,  2016

Dishonored 2 Walkthrough

Dishonored 2 : Mission 7 - A Crack in the Slab

In Mission 4 - The Clockwork Mansion, you'll be on the trail of Kirin Jindosh, the inventor of the Clockwork Soldiers - and the man who is keeping Anton Sokolov a prisoner. You'll need to infiltrate his mansion and put a stop to him one way or another.

Runes Shrines Bone charms Total Coins Blue prints Paintings
3(4) 0 3(7) 3334 1 2

There are optional Runes and Bonecharms that can appear in this mission, but only if you choose to spare Stilton of his fate.





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