Destiny Vehicles

There are several Vehicle you need to get the job done in Destiny video game.

List of Vehicles



This is non-combat transport and you do not control it directly. This spaceship will get you across the globe, and beyond. 

When you go to choose locations to travel to, your character will fly into orbit above the planet while you go over your options.

You will be able to purchase a newer spaceship and upgrade cosmetically.


This is a single-occupant vehicle used by the Guardians  and used for fast travel across long distances within a playable zone. 


Each Guardian have this type of vehicle and it stored aboard their personal spaceship. It can be summoned to be used anytime when needed. 

New Sparrows can be obtained from few places and also can appea as Loot( Like finding all five Gold Chest  in Old Russia will get an uncommon sparrow). It can also be purchased from vendors such as  the Shipwright, Crucible Quartermaster, or Vanguard Quartermaster.

The Pike

A Pike is a Fallen land based vehicle that is armed with dual forward mounted cannons. It can be found in both patrol and in the crucible map first light.

This vehicle can speed boost forward and perform side to side dodging motions.


Destiny Enemies


The Traveler

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