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Before the release of the game Bungie must provide Activision with a list of Easter Eggs.  

Turn on The Postmaster's Fan, Float a Friend

In The Tower, you can jump on top of the Postmaster's hut and stand on large fan. Make sure you have a friend run to the staircase to the right of the hut (facing out, towards the city) and  hit a button ( a prompt for turning on the fan will appear) that will activate the fan.  

See Your Ship in the Tower Hangar Bay

Enter the Hangar to the right the moment you enter The Tower, you will see a brief animation of your ship being towed into the dock.

Golden Chests

Through out the open world areas of the world there are 5 Gold Chests that appear in the same area once for every player. These chests have some pretty good loot, and finding them all may reward you with something special.

Skywatch Brawl

Sometimes in skywatch near the rock yard you can watch the hive and the fallen battle it out You can either grab some popcorn and watch or destroy them all yourself.

Dead Ghosts

Dead Ghosts are scattered around the world and can be found in hidden golden chests. There are 19 to collect that we know of, have you found them all?


Spinmetal is a collectible material, which can traded at the tower for experience (Vanguard or Crucible Marks), gear and glimmer. It randomly spawns in specific areas. You can also earn spinmetal by beating missions and bosses. A type of Ammo also exists called “Spinmetal Rounds” which lets players increase their ammo capacity.

Orbs of Light

Killing enemies with your super ability drops orbs of light that on the floor of whom you have just killed. These orbs can be collected by your teammates which will power up their super abilities faster. Can be useful for using multiple super powers by many team mates at once.

How to Play with Soccer Balls on the Tower

A Guardian Rises


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