Destiny - Dead Ghosts Locations Guide


By tracking down Dead Ghosts you will be able to score extra Grimoire Points in Destiny. Destiny’s Dead Ghosts are found scattered around the area. They’re easily spotted in the dark by their distinctive pale blue glow.

When you come across one of the them you can revive it by holding Square (PlayStation or X (Xbox) when prompted. By doing this you will reward with a Grimoire Card and the accompanying Grimoire Points. Then you can visit or the Destiny Companion app to peruse your unlocked lore and show off your amazing collection of points.


You can only collect Ghosts once per account, this means if you pick up one with one character, you wont find it with another

Ghost Hunter Trophy/ Achievement Guide

There are a total of 62 Dead Ghosts in Destiny. Finding 50 of these collectibles will earn you the "Ghost Hunter" Trophy / Achievement.

Ghost Hunter
Discover 50 dead ghosts

They are saved automatically and instantly when you pick them up. Once found, they will be gone from the game world. Finding the ghosts is also going to increase your Grimoire score.
None of them are missable! You can pick them up in free roam or during story missions at any time.

Destiny guide: Dead Ghost locations


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