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Combo Weapons Blueprints Locations Guide - Dead Rising 3


The combination system is back to Dead Rising 3. There are more craftable weapons, items and vehicles.

In this game there are about 101 different Combo Weapons that Nick can create. It is simple to craft once you have all necessary components, and when you purchase different Combo Categories from the Player Attribute upgrade screen will make its even easier.

Combo Weapons Recipes Blueprint Locations
Acid Jar Chemicals + Household Cleaner Chapter 3: Almuda Farms Cold Storage After defeated a real Albert. In the same room as one of the supplies you need to burn
Acid Rain    
Acid Toy Chemicals + Toy Robot ?
Beer Hat Construct Hat + Keg ?
Bigger Bomb   Roof next Felicia not far from the police station,
BlamBow Roman Candle + Crossbow ?
Bomb Toy Robot Bear + Gasoline Canister ?
Boomer Axe    
Boom Bear   Chapter 7
Boom Cannon Grenade + Shotgun Chapter 3: illegals Hideout -Sunset hills
Car Bomb RC Car + Grenade ?
Chest Beam    
Chop N Talk Baitheaxe + Game Consoll Barber Shop Roof – Ingleton
Chopper Fire Axe + Hatchet Chapter 3: Roof that adjucent to illegals Hideout -South Ingleton
Chuck Axe ? Chapter 5: At Museum
Defiler  Fire Axe + Sledgehammer Sunset Hills -House Construction Site
Dragon Punch Boxing Gloves + Motorcycle Engine Southern ingleton- Sunny Luck Fortune
DynaMeat Dynamite + Hunk of Meat Chapter 2: Workbench – Plane Hangar 
Electric Chair    
Electric Crusher Sledgehammer + Battery ?
Elecric Rake   Chapter 6: South Almuda Train Repair
Explosive Chair    
Fighting Gloves Game Console + Toy Gun ?
Fire Arrows Motor Oil + Crossbow  
Fire Reaper Scythe +Gasoline canister On the roof near of the building next to Package Forge- Ingleton
Flaming Helmet Motor Oil + Dragon Head Zen Temple – Southern Ingleton
Flaming Gloves   Chapter 6: Sunset Hill- Collector’s House 
Flaming Sword  Motor Oil + Broadsword Locker – Sunset Hills High School
Glove Gun Cardboard Cutout + Pogo Stick Chapter 3: Bus depot ( Blood Barter- Side Mission)
Hail Mary    
Heavy Metal 2×4 + Lead Pipe Police Bus Roof / Rhonda’s Garage – Ingleton
Helmet Bomb Afro Wig + Dynamite Near the police station, inside Felicia. 
I.E.D. Propane Tank + Gasoline Canister ?
Iron Edge Metal Cleaver + Machete  
Jack in the Box Cardboard Box + Toy Robot Chapter 0:Rhonda’s Garage – Ingleton
Jazz Hands    
Junk Ball    
Knife Gloves ? Chapter 3: Inside the hotel where you need to met Red and Annie
Laser Sword Flashlight + Gems Chapter 4 inside Central Storage, underground packing
Mauler ? Chapter 5: At Museum
Metal Mary Bowie Knife + Football ?
Mini Chainsaw Metal Cleaver + Chainsaw Craven Consultant-  Side Mission completion Reward
Napalm Bomb Motor Oil + Propane Tank ?
Party Gloves Toy Robot + Boxing Gloves Sunset Hills- Toy Store (North of Food Fun Shack)
Pole Weapon Spear + Hat Rack Motel Hideout – Ingleton
Pukes O Hazard   Chapter 6: Sunset Hill- Collector’s House 
Pummel Blast ? Chapter 5: inside Rhoda's garage
Roaring Thunder Battery + Blanka Mask South Sunset Hills- Food Fun Shack
Remote Detonator Dynamite + Laptop Chapter 3: Sunset Hills-Central Illegals Hideout 
Rocket Punch    
Sabre Shot Sawed-Off Shotgun + Machete ?
Sentry Cat    
Shocking Touch ? ?
Slapper Broom + Boxing Gloves  
Sledge Saw Sledgehammer + Cement Saw Chapter 00: Diner 
Spiked Bucket Meat Cleave + Bucket Big Bulls Butchery – Ingleton
Spiked Bat Baseball Bat + Box of Nails Northwestern Home Exterior – Ingleton
Spiked Bucket    
Split Shot    
Sticky Bombs    
Super Crossbow   Chapter 4 inside Central Storage
Super Massager Massager + Leaf Blower Second floor of Strip Club not fare from  Bus Station – Almuda
Tactical Handgun Flashlight + Handgun Chapter 00: Completion Reward
Tenderizers MMA Gloves + Car Exhaust Boxing Gymnasium – Ingleton
The Slapper    
Weapon Cart Shopping Cart + Pitchfork Access Tunnel (located between Subway Station & Warehouse) – Sunset Hills
Z.A.R. Shotgun + Assault Rifle Chapter 3: Central Police Station next to the locker.
Zombie Raker Katana Sword + Leaf Rake ?


Found a recipe or blueprint we’re missing? Let us know!



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