Dark Souls II : Where to find Keys and Important Items

There are some area in Dark Souls II which requires certain Keys to be able to access them. 


Before you toss the FORGOTTEN KEYinto the Gutter to open the door make sure you have use it to open doors in other places first

Below is the list of keys and the location where you can find them.  

Key Location
Lenigrast’s Key This key can be obtained from the Merchant Hag Melentia and is used to open the Blacksmith Leningrast’s shop in Majula. 
House Key This key will open the abandoned mansion in Majula. You will get this key from Cale the Cartographer.
Soldier Key You will need this key to open the Soldier’s Door in the Forest of Giants. You can obtain this key by defeating the Last Giant enemy.
Bastille Key The key will open the cells of the Lost Bastille. You will acquire this key in the Lost Bastilles region of the game.
Undead Lockaway Key This key will open the stone lockaway in Huntsman’s Copse. You can find this keep within the Huntsman’s Copse area.
Iron Key You can open the iron door of the Iron Keep with this key. You can find this key within the Iron Keep.
Brightstone Key This key will open the door to the Brightstone Cave. You can find this key by slaying the Duke Tseldora enemy.
Forgotten Key Toss this key into the Gutter to open doors there. You can find this key on the Elite Giants.
Key to King’s Passage This is the key to King’s Passage in Drangleic Castle and can be found within the Drangleic Castle.
Antiquated Key This key will open doors in the Lost Bastille. You will find this key in the Lost Bastille.
Fang Key This will open the door to the Weaponfix Ornifex. You’ll acquire this from the Petrified Lion Warrior.
Tseldora Den Key This will open the den in Brighstone Cove Tseldora and can be obtained from several quest givers: Mild-Mannered Pate, Creighton the Wanderer, and Duke Tseldora.
Aldia Key  This key will open the mansion in Aldia. You can find this key within Aldia’s Keep.
Ladder Miniature This is an ornament that depicts a ladder. You need to give this to Sorcerer Navlaan. You can find this from the merchant Laddersmith Gilligan.
Dull Ember This is an ember that radiates a dull light. This can be found in the Iron Keep  and you need to give this to Steady Hand McDuff.
Rotunda Lockstone This item will move the Majula Rotanda. You can get it from Lockstone from Licia of Lindelt or invade her world and defeat her in Majula.
Ashen Mist Heart You be able to dig deeper  into the memory of the withered by finding this item. You can slay the Ancient Dragon to find this item.
Giant’s Kinship This will give you access to the throne room beneath the castle. Defeat the Giant Lord for this item.


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