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Dark Souls II: Sinners Rise

Sinner Rise can be accessed by in the same room as bonfire in the Sinner Rise can be accessed by the same room as bonfire in the Servant's Quarter. 

Head up stairs and down the hall then open the door, then grab a Soul of a Nameless Soldier on the left. 

Proceed ahead and take out the mummified knight on the left and past him grab a Human Effigy on a body found at the end of the path (on the ledge).

Head back to the other side and enter the tower to find a mummy knight on the left, take him out and proceed. Go through and opening on the right to reach a roof with flame butterfly. 

Go back to the middle and jump to the roof across to collect a Large Soul of a nameless Soldier. Head back and then go up the stairs in the tower into the room filled with barrels.

Take out the guard sitting and then proceed until you find a gate. Use a lever to open the gate  and you will come across three mummy enemies. Try aggressive attack to keep them from using petrify this will help you defeat them quickly. 

Once defeated them go through to the next room with few pottery hiding the mummy enemies. Proceed to the room ahead with what seem to be a normal wall but there is a hidden door. This door leads to a hall but has nothing, instead head up the stairs to the previous room you will come across two mummies, a lever for the gate and a door.  Go through the door to grab Sceptic's Spice and then drop down to find a Bonfire Ascetc. Drop down to the middle support beam and then drop next room where you will find a chest with wilted dust herb. 

Now enter the cage to get back to the top. Proceed up the stairs to take out some mummies in the room. Also there is a bonfire but is is blocked by statue along with a locked door to the right.

Head back downstairs and through the gate which opened by the lever. Proceed to the bridge, continue to the right and take out the guard protecting s stash of 8x Lifegem.  Also there is sniper in the area as you cross the bridge. Run toward the mist to enter Sinner's Rise. 

Proceed to the right, then climb up the ladder to find bonfire. There is a ledge on the interior of the tower near bonfire you will find a corpse with some items. Head back down the ladder and proceed through the ledge downwards.

You will see a doorway with some royal knight with crossbows. Try to lure out one of them and then get close enough so that he switches over to his sword and then take him out. Repeat the process until they are all defeated then look around the corner on the outside of the tower to find another corpse with an item. Grab the items and then head back and use the elevator to go down. 

You will see a glow of another item further down. To get to this you need to drop onto the object when you get very close. 

There are creatures in the next area and can be tough to defeat, it is best to summon aid. As you proceed down the stairs into the water area, look to the left there is a another enemy. Note that this enemy can cause massive damage when hit you. You can dray him out and fight him with the help from the phantom you summon.  Make sure you assist her otherwise she will last through few encounter with these creatures.  There are also two items in this area to add to your collection.

Proceed past the creatures to find identical ramps on both sides (left and right). Also there is mummies (some of them are exploding ones) in the cells both above and below the raised area. Try to clear the mummies especially the one in the lower cell. 

Note that both gates lead t the locked platform, instead head toward the gate in the center of the water channel and open the switch on the right. Follow the path toward the castle with a mist door. 

There is a ramp on either side of the mist door and both leading upwards with the locked doors at the to of each ramps. 

If you have completed the Belfry Luna and beat the Belfy Gargoyle then you should have the Bastille Key to open the lock doors on either side of the ramps. 

Bring a torch and light the oil to make the large torch to light inside the boss arena. This will make easier to see the boss's whereabout and also your lock will stay active. Otherwise the room will be dark and your target lock disappear when he jumps away.

Go through the mist to fight the Lost Sinner boss.  


Lost Sinner Boss

The lost sinner boss is a melee boss and very aggressive. He attacks with a powerful greatsword. One of the way to deal with this boss it is best to use a shield with 100% melee block to block his attack. move around as you do this and attack when you get a chance. 

The other way is to dress light and keep dodging his attack or parry him.  Although all of his attacks can be parry but will make the battle a bit tougher. 

It is best to use fast weapon and because he don't stay in one place for long this making large 2-handed weapons tough to land. 

Ranged Characters

If you are using a ranged character you will surely find tough to defeat this boss. Mainly because he tends to close a gap very fast  and hardly let you walk away without chasing you. 

mages and arches is best to go in the light and dodge regularly. But again if you have 100% melee block make sure you have it up at all time.


The Lost Bastille


 Belfry Luna


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