Dark Souls II: Shrine of Amana

Shrine of Amana is a location in Dark Souls II. This area is adjacent to The King Passage and is the home of the Demon of Song Boss.

HP: 6500 (Standard Game)
Souls Awarded: 26,000 (Standard Game) xxxx (NG+
Drops: Demon of Song Soul, Key to the Embedded

How to defeat the Demon of Song Boss

This boss is a giant, grotesque frog demon with a corpse skull and arms protruding from its mouth, and a long tail.
Upon entering the boss area you can find the Demon of Song sitting and waiting. 

This boss has one stance which can be attacked and the other can not be attacked. He will always stay in closed stance until when you get close to it. 

The Demon of Song is quite slow in its attacks and easily telegraphs, with many opportunities to attack.
It is best to stick to its leftside and hit after demon's attacks and go back to leftside of it and he should not be able to hit you.

Don’t go behind him because he’ll do a little leg attack that will damage a lot.

Slap is one of his attack where he swings one arm and the next one immediately after. It is best to keep your distance  and wait after two swings to attack him. A slow attack with usually two slaps ( if you side roll, he will swipe twice, first from left then from right), preceded by the Demon of Song raising its hands.

Note: He will not attack twice in a row instead he goes back into closed stance after attack. It this is your opportunity to attack him.  When you see him going back to Closed back up.  

When he attacks it is best to dodge the attack and the attack after a secon swipe. 

When in Open stance he will start to raise into the air and slam on top of you. This does a lot of damage and is unblockable so it is best to be evaded. Make sure you back up as far away as possible. If you back up enough and dodge his attack then you can attack him. When this opportunity happens, switch to 2 handing for melee for more damage. However he will jump and small if you are too close so get ready to dodge. 

He will run towards you wen in Closed stance if you are far away from him. Remember this is the fastest move than all other attacks and it  does massive damage, also you will not be able to block so the only way is to avoid it.

Sometimes he make a Dark Obs attack when he is in Open stance, this also does a lot of damage. Most of the time he will do one bust however sometimes he will do 3. Roll if he does 3 because you will not be able to block past the first burst.

Sometimes when in closed stance he will sometimes jump away from you, giving him distance and prepar himself for a Body Slam attack. Body slam attack will raise up high on its hind legs and attempt to land on you to crushing you.

Sometimes he goes for grab attack, swiping his arms to attempt to grab you if you are close by and you will die if he grabs you but if you dodge you will have another chance to attack him

Also he has a ranged attack to look aout for, Water Spit attack, he will lift its head slightly up as if taking a breath in, and then spit out a large amount of water that travels forward quite a distance 1-3 times.

Ranged Characters

Ranged characters will find this battle slightly easy compare to melee characters. When he launch the attack you will be able to use 2-3 spells or attack him with arrow. When he gets in Open stance and back up this is the opportunity for your attack.


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