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Dark Souls II : Rings Locations Guide


Rings play an essential the in your survival in Dark Souls 2. The rings gives you certain utility buffs or attributes. Players can wear up to four rings at one time.

Below is the locations where you can find the rings and their general effects. The rings are listed in alphabetical order.

Key Location Effects
Abyss Seal Found with with the Pilgrims of Dark covenant. Increase the power of Hexes at 30 HP per cast
Ancient Dragon Seal Found with the Dragon Remnants covenant. Restore 50 HP more with this ring
Ash Knuckle Ring In the Grave of Saints Increases resistance to petrification
Bell Keeper’s Seal Found with the Bell Keeper covenant. Automatically summon you to an invader’s world
Bloodbite Ring You can obtain this by joining the Way of Blue covenant or from the merchant Cromwell the Pardoner. Increases resistance to bleeding
Blue Seal It can be found with the Way of Blue covenant. Increase your max HP by a small percentage
Blue Tearstone Ring Found in the Lost Bastille or by joining the Way of the Blue covenant. Boosts defenses when your HP is below 30%
Bracing Knuckle Ring Found in the Lost Bastille and Undead Crypt, and can also be bought from Chancellor Wellagar. Reduces weapon, armor, and ring degradation by a certain percentage
Chloranthy Ring Found in the Forest of Fallen Giants, Shaded Woods, and also from the Executioner’s Chariot boss. Increase your stamina recovery speed
Clear Bluestone Ring Found with Carhillion of the Fold, in the Shaded Woods, and by defeating the Skeleton Lords (during NG+ only). Shortens spell-casting time.
Covetous Gold Serpeant Ring Found in the Lost Bastille, from the merchant Hag Melentia, and by defeating Mytha the Baneful Queen during a NG+ replay. Will result in fallen enemies to give you more souls
Crest of Blood Found with the Brother of Blood covenant. Increases your bleed attacks
Crest of the Rat Can be found with the Rat King covenant Increase your poison attack damage
Cursebite Ring It can be found with the merchants Cromwell the Pardoner and Magerold of Lanafir.. Increases resistance to curses.
Dark Quartz Ring Found by defeating Lydia With, defeating the Duke Tseldora, or from Rosabeth of Mefia. Increases dark defense
Delicate String You can get it from Titchy Gren. Increases your chances of being invaded
Dispelling Ring increases lightning, fire, dark, and magic defenses You can get this during the Royal Sorcerer Navlaan’s quest.
First Dragon Ring It is found by joining the Company of Champions covenant, by taking the Manscorpion Tark quest, and in the Dragon Shrine. Increases stamina, health, and load
Flame Quartz Ring Found in the Forest of the Guardian giants, can be bought from merchant Rosabeth of Mefia, and also obtained by defeating the Guardian Dragon Increase fire defense
Gower’s Ring of Protection With this ring back-damage to you will be same as any normal area Found in the Shaded Woods during a NG+ replay.
Guardian’s Seal Can be acquired from the Blue Sentinels covenant. Seal ring will automatically summon you to other worlds
Hawk Ring Found in in the Forest of Fallen Giants Extends the range of arrows
Illusory Ring of a Conqueror Acquired ftare clear the game without dying Your left hand weapon will become invisible with this ring
Illusory Ring of the Exalted You can get it if you do not rest on a bonfire throughout the game Your right hand weapon will become invisible with this ring
King’s Ring Opens the Kiing’s Gate and also increases fire damage Found in the Undead Crypt.
Life Ring Found in the Forest of the Fallen Giants, in the Iron Keep, or in the Shrine of Amana. Increase your maximum HP
Lingering Dragoncrest Ring Found with the merchant Straid of Olaphis, by defeating the Desert Sorceress, or by defeating 100 Dark Spirits. The length of your spell effects will increase
Name Engraved Ring Sweet Shalqiour has the ring. Make it easier to connect to players who chose the same god
Northern Ritual Band Increases spell use but reduces HP Found by doing the Carhillion of the Fold’s quest.
Old Leo Ring Can be obtained from the Old Dragonslayer. Strengthens the counter attacks of thrust weapons
Old Sun Ring Found in the Shaded Woods. Has a chance of creating an explosion when reaching the damage threshold. The higher the durability of the ring, the more the chance
Poisonbite Ring Can be found in Earthen Peak, Harvest Valley, and can also be bought from the merchant Cromwell the Pardoner. Increases poison resistance
Red Tearstone Ring You can acquire this from Alda’s Keep or the Shaded Woods. Boosts attack when your HP is below 30%
Redeye Ring Found with Sweet Shalquior. Makes you easier to be detected by enemies
Ring of Binding Can be found find in the Cathedral of Blue. Limits your HP reduction when Hollowing
Ring of Blades Found by defeating The Pursuer boss. Increases your physical attack damage
Ring of Giants You can get this ring from the Giant Lord during your NG+ replay, or from the merchant Lonesome Gavlan. Increases poise.
Ring of Knowledge Found with the merchant Straid of Olaphis. Increases your intelligence.
Ring of Life Protection Found this in No-man’s Wharf, in the Shaded Woods, and with Felkin the Outcast. You won’t turn Hollow or lose souls upon death. This ring breaks when used, but can be repaired for 3000 souls
Ring of Prayer Can be found with Licia of Lindelt. Increases faith
Ring of Resistance You can obtain this from Cromwell the Pardoner’s quest. Gives you increased resistance against poison, curse, bleed, and petrify
Ring of Restoration Found in the Forest of Fallen Giants. Restore 3 HP every 1.5 seconds
Ring of Soul Protection Found with Vengarl of Forossa, and in the Gutter. You won’t turn Hollow or lose souls upon death, and makes you immune to petrification. This ring breaks when used, but can be repaired for 6000 souls
Ring of Steel Protection Found during the Crestfallen Sauldon, Lucatiel of Mirra, and by defeating the Looking Glass Knight boss. Increases physical defense
Ring of the Dead You can get this from Imprisoned Milfanito’s quest or from the merchant Grave Warden Agdayne. You’ll keep a human appearance even when you turn Hollow if you have this ring on
Ring of the Evil Eye Found in The Gutter, Dragon Aerie, The Pit, can be bought from Sweet Shalquior, or acquired by defeating Throne Defender and Throne Watcher during a NG+ replay. Restores a certain amount of HP after defeating a foe
Ring of Thorns You can also get it if you invade an defeat the host player 1000 times Gives you a chance of dealing counterattacking damage when hit from enemies
Ring of Whispers Can be used to talk to Manscorpion Tark, and also causes a sound when near enemies

You can find this with Sweet Shalquior.

Royal Soldier’s Ring Found in No-Man’s Wharf, Drangleic Castle, and from the boss Velstadt. Increases the maximum load you can carry
Silvercat Ring Found with Sweet Shalquior. Apart from a lethal drop, you will greatly have reduced damage from falling from any height.
Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring You can find this by joining the Rat King covenant. Nullifies any sound produced from walking and running
Southern Ritual Band Found in Belfry Luna, in Brighstone Cove Tseldora, or by defeating Scorpioness Najka during a NG+ replay. Increases your attunement slots
Spell Quartz Ring Found in Earthen Peak and King’s Passage, and can also be bought from the merchant Carhillion of the Fold. Increases magic defense
Stone Ring Can be obtained from the Ogre. Deals additional damage to poise
Sun Seal Found with the Heirs of the Sun covenant. increases the strength of Miracles
Thunder Quartz Ring Can be bought from merchants Rosabeth of Mefia or Royal Sorcer Navlaan. It can also be found in the Iron Keep. Increases lightning defense
Vanquisher’s Seal Found with the Company of Champions covenant. Greatly increases attack damage with bare hands
White Ring You can acquire this ring from Sparkling Sisters Dyna and Tillo. You’ll take the appearance of a white phantom


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