Dark Souls II 

PS3 Xbox 360 PC 
Release Date: March 11, 2014

Dark Souls II: Rat King

The Rat King Covenant is becoming available after defeating the Royal Rat Vanguard boss located in the Grave of Saints.

Once you have defeated the boss you will be rewarded with the Vanguard's soul and with a Rat Tail item. The Rat Tail can be redeemed with the Rat King, found after the boss arena. Once you redeeming the Rat Tail you will gain access to the covenant. 

Once you joined the your task is to guard specific areas against invaders and are rewarded with additional Rat Tails to further your position in the covenant. The Rat King covenant forces the trespasser to invade the world of the player instead of player invaded the world of trespasser. You will also be rewarded with Pharros Lockstones that can be used activate traps in the players territory that can give an edge against trespassers.

If you joined the covenant will stops enemies from attacking the player in Grave of Saints and Doors of Pharros.

You need to equip the crest in either Grave of Saints or Doors of Pharros in order to force transpasers into the players world.  


  • ​ 10 Rat Tails (+1) - 10 Small Smooth & Silky Stones
  • ​ 20 Rat Tails (+2) - 10 Smooth & Silky Stones
  • ​ 35 Rat Tails (+3) - Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring



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