Dark Souls II: Pilgrims of Dark


Pilgrims of Dark covenant can be found after talking to the old man, Darkdiver Grandahl in the Shaded WoodsBlack Gulch or Drangleic Castle.

The second place you will be able to find him is located at Drangleic Castle. After the first bonfire, you need to take out three sentinels one by one in order for the correct door to open ( the furthest one up on the left). Go through the door, the floor will collapse for a short drop.

Final location he can be found in Black Gulch. You will come across a small ledge where you can drop on to right after the last rock worm. Another ledge below that that you have to drop on to, and make sure you are equipped with the torch and the Silver Cat Ring. Take out the giants using ranged attacks. Note that the melee combat might be a bit difficult as you can't block their attacks. After eliminate them locate a shortcut cage lift on the right side of the room. Use that to go back up and drop back on to the first ledge with the secret door.

Go and talk to him again to join the Pilgrims of the Dark covenant. After joining you will unclock the following achievement/ trophy. 

Discovery the abysmal covenant

Joining this covenant will unlock Abysmal Covenant achievement or trophy.

You will be rewarded with Abyss Seal upon joining this covenant. Rank #1 gets you Resonant Soul, Rank #2 gets you Great Resonant Soul and Rank #3 gets you xanthous armor set.

To rank up successfully clear first area of Dark Chasm, followed by lighting all three braziers and finally, defeating the boss of the chasm.



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