Dark Souls II : Majula

Majula is one of the main missions in Dark Souls II video game. Once you arrived in Majula, find the bonfire and the Emerald Herald.

Follow the path down to reach the centre of Majula and you will see both bonfire and the Emerald Herald on the right cliff edge.

Then light the bonfire to activate it then speak to the Emerald Herald. Then she gives you an Estus Flask. Note that any Estus Flask Shards you find in Dark Souls II can be given to her in exchange for additional Estus Flasks. Go and talk to her for more  information about the world of Drangleic.

Then go and sit next to the large obelisk that dominates Majula is Saulden. He gives hints for beginners. He also lets you join the covenent Way of Blue.

Head slightly down from the obelisk is a small house with a man laying outside it. His name is Lenigrast a blacksmith.  You need to find a key to his house before you can use him to repair or improve equipment. This key can be found near the second bonefire in The Forest of Fallen Giants and can also be brought from Merchant Hag Melentia for 1000 souls.

Once you are done in Majula make your way downhill from the bonfire, this will lead you towards The Forest of Fallen Giants.


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Forest of Fallen Giants

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