Dark Souls II: Iron Keep

Bonfire location in Iron Keep: Enter Iron Keep, then turn to your left and follow the stairs down. You will encounter your first Bonfire of the level.

Cross the first bridge and you will come across the two knights. Since they have some decent speed and some solid damage you can try to lure them out one at a time. Take them out and then the couple after entering the castle.

Once you have taken them out turn to the right of the castle entrance to the hallway that leads to a merchant.


But before heading to the merchant, go up the stairs to the left. Take out the knight at the top, and grab your Pharros Lockstone off a body.

One you are done make your way back to the main lobby and go up the stairs. There are some knights, lure them out one at a time and then out. Note that one of them has a bow that shoots large iron arrows in the right-hand corner, make sure you are well-armored.

Then head outside and take out the archers to the right across and then stick to the path on the left. Take out the knight and then climb down the ladder at the end and collect Soul of a Proud Knight and Repair Powder. Head back and climb up the ladder to the top to kill the knight on the right, grab the Life Ring +1 and Twikling Titanite from the chests neadby. Drop down to the level below and take out the knight ahead, then use the lever in this area to lower the bridge.  You will see a door next to the lever but DO NOT OPEN it because there is a fire inside.

Now jump across the gap, locate the ladder in the distance and climb up. Eliminate the knights with your ranged attacks. Once you are done drop down to the mid-level to go back to the lowered bridge.

Take out the knight in front of the boss door after crossing the bridge. There is a treasure chest with Zweihander across the gap, grab the item and then head into the boss room.

For those who are melee-focused hero, it is best to summoning another player because this boss is pretty tough.



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