Dark Souls II : Huntsmans Copse

You will need to talk to Licia of Lindeldt at Heides Tower of Flame once you have defeatedDragonrider to get to Huntsmans Copse.

She can also found in Majula by a stange contraption by descending the stairs that goes to Heide's Tower of Flame. 

You will need to give her 2,000 souls and she will open the way to Huntsman's Copse.

How to defeat the Skeleton Lord Bosses

You will need to fight three Lords in this area. Upon entering the room there are three Skeleton Lords in front of the player; one on the left, one in the middle and one on the right. The Skeleton Lords on the right and left carry large scythes  are melee combantants where as the Skeleton lord in the middle carries a large bone staff uses Pyromancy. 

Both enemies are weaker to Fire and Lighting. Also there are no NPC's can be sumoned as a phantom for this fight.

Melee Characters 

Melee characters will find this battle a bit easy since they have fire enhanced weapons. Once you are in the arena, run toward the bosses (sitting on thrones) and dish out tons of damage and even kill one of the Skeleton lords with your weapon before they stand up.  If you are unable to kill one of them before they touches the ground, kite all the Lords around the room until you have enough stamina to beat on the same Lord until it is dead.

Use the pillars around the room to your advantage since they can completely stop the middle Skeleton Lord's pyromancy and make him useless the entire fight. Try to avoide getting caught by both the scythe Lords, if you get caught in a stunlock by them it will inflict massive damage.Kepp move rom pillar to pillar to avoid Skeleton Lord's pyromancy cause when you get hit by him, will stagger you  and even toss you ino the air and leaving you completely defenceless.

Note upon their death they summon in a small swarm of skeletons. The first one will cause pinwheels to spawn. Make sure you take them out first when they spawn. Once they are dead then you can take care of the next lord. 

More skeletons will spawn when the second lord dies. These ones are just warriors making easy to kill them. Once you have killed the last boss and the skeletons he summons you are done.

Ranged Characters

The techniques is pretty much the same as Melee Characters however Pyromancers will have a very easy time in this fight.

You will be able to kill the lords very quickly along with the skeletons they summon. Other magics wont have the same impact along with hexes. 

Use the environment to block their line of sight to give you time to prepare for the attack


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